ESOTIQ&HENDERSON provides comprehensive services for its franchisees.

From the very beginning a potential franchisee may count on assistance in the selection of the right location and in negotiations of business terms. We coordinate the whole shop opening process and we take care of equipment orders on behalf of the Customer. A potential franchisee does not need experience – we will provide them will all the knowledge during the training. The most important thing is business commitment.

Joining the chain as a franchisee does not require considerable capital. We are the only ones who do not charge a licence fee for joining the chain. Our franchise is fully based on consignment stock, which means that the franchisee does not pay for the goods they have in the shop. We provide computer hardware and software for the point of sale, along with a fiscal printer and a terminal.

The ESOTIQ franchisee system emphasises sales support for its franchisees. With staff training, sharing of its unique know-how, development of the product portfolio and partnership with prominent fashion specialists, ESOTIQ is a leading brand in the market of underwear and specialised cosmetics. The functionality of ESOTIQ points of sale is dedicated to the customer’s comfort – to make them feel good and at ease.

We ensure the continuity of service – from interior design to regular support in daily operations. This involves continuous collaboration between a franchise shop and the Regional Sales Manager, who regularly visits the shop and reports on such visits. The internal allocation department ensures optimum stocking to match the selling potential of the shop. We are flexible in terms of our Partner’s individual ideas, if they want to engage in various initiatives or event in their local markets. We also use a wide range of marketing activities popular with customers to directly support sales.

Every ESOTIQ shop is a part of the chain so its appearance must be unified. Our partners use the services of our interior designer. The arrangement of furniture must ensure the customer’s comfort and sufficient room for display of the goods to guarantee good resale.

  • The cost of adapting a shop depends on the condition of the premises and on the scope of specific changes.
  • The net investment cost connected with the design of the shop is PLN 1000 per m2 (furniture and decoration).
  • The basic requirements of the chain: The Company is interested in opening its shops in selected cities with population above 20,000.
  • Premises with an area of 50-70 m2 (depending on the trade potential of the city).
  • Attractive location (point of sale with the best trade potential in the city).
  • Readiness to adapt the premises in line with the chain’s requirements.
  • Appropriate financial base to cover the costs of the initial investment.
  • The professionalism and expertise required to run a shop.
  • Running an Esotiq point of sale, a franchisee must strictly follow the standards and procedures in place in Esotiq, as determined by Esotiq&Henderson S.A.
  • There is no need to incur expenses for restocking – all the goods in the shop are owned by Esotiq&Henderson S.A.
  • Esotiq&Henderson S.A. guarantees optimum stock in terms of quality and quantity based on the capacity of the shop.
  • Goods are delivered through a courier service at the cost of Esotiq&Henderson S.A.
  • The franchisee makes money off the sales commission. The commission is fixed throughout the whole duration of the agreement, even in the periods of clearance sale.
  • Esotiq&Henderson S.A. covers the cost of computer hardware, fiscal printer and terminal.
  • The franchise shop has all the rights of a chain shop – the prices and special offers are the same as in the other points of sale.
  • Esotiq&Henderson S.A. guarantees assistance for the shop from the Regional Sales Manager and Director and a number of people from the company’s headquarters.