Our History

The history of our company goes back to 1998, when the HENDERSON male underwear brand was launched. 1998-2003 is when the ESOTIQ brand was being prepared and marketed. The first shop opened in 2005 in Bielsko Biała. Over the next 5 years, the brand developed nationwide range.

In 2011, the ESOTIQ brand was separated from the LPP group to form ESOTIQ&HENDERSON, with model Joanna Krupa as the face of the company. In the next year, a joint project with fashion designer Ewa Minge led to the formation of Eva Minge Design – a company where ESOTIQ&HENDERSON holds 50% shares.

In 2011, our company became listed on the NewConnect market in Warsaw, and in 2015 it moved to the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We sell our products in Poland and abroad. In Poland we already have 270 chain and franchise points of sale. In 2015, we opened the first shop in Germany, soon followed by the Ukraine. The brand is currently developing and expanding both in Poland and abroad.

In all physical points of sale we offer:

  • Individual approach and free bra fitting services.
  • A wide range of underwear, bathing suits and pyjamas that follow global trends, as well as a selection of cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Affordable prices and high-quality products.
  • ESOTIQ Shopping Club membership and special prices.