ESOTIQ & Henderson offers its foreign partners the opportunity to open partner’s shops.

From the very beginning of the co-operation our potential business partners can count on our advice on choosing the right location as well as on our help , in business conditions negotiations with the shopping malls representatives including our participation in the negotiation meetings. The entire opening procedure of ESOTIQ shop is also coordinated by us with the use of our best practices and vast knowledge of the whole process based on our long term experience. , Moreover, We can help in delivering the shop design and also point out the furniture manufacturer if the client decides to buy the needed furniture in Poland. Our potential business partner does not need to have any experience in the field of running a lingerie shop.- We are eager to pass on all the knowledge we have during a series of dedicated trainings. For us the most important factor is the commitment and determination of the potential business partner to run the business.

The whole system of ESOTIQ partner’s shops opened abroad places a great emphasis on sales support. That’s why we can offer staff trainings as well as sharing our unique know-how. We also provide the development of the product offer in cooperation with outstanding specialists from the fashion industry since ESOTIQ is a leading brand in the lingerie and cosmetics. The functionality of ESOTIQ shops is designed for the convenience of the customers - so that they can feel comfortable and at ease with us.

We provide a constant assistance from the arrangement of the premises to ongoing support in its daily operation. The support assumes continuous cooperation with a given client and a dedicated ESOTIQ representative. We provide assistance with optimal stocking of the shop. We are also flexible as far as the individual ideas of our Partners enhancing the business are concerned such as the engagement in various initiatives or events organized on the local market. We also use a whole range of marketing activities that directly support sales and are very well received by our current business partners.

  • preferential prices of ESOTIQ & HENDERSON goods,
  • help in optimal quantitative and qualitative stocking of the shop based on store capacity.
  • VM help in arranging both the shop windows and the collection in the store, including the VM help in display of the goods both on hangers and dedicated furniture
  • help in preparing the shop design, including furniture, counters, lighting placement, ect
  • contact with our nominated furniture manufacturers in case furniture can be produced in Poland
  • product, brafitting and sales trainings
  • help in promoting ESOTIQ online store on a given market
  • product photos and graphics materials for the shops as well as for ESOTIQ website
  • help in managing promotions and campaigns in the store and on the website
  • product catalogs
  • transport of the first delivery, POS, hangers, bags and catalogs for free
We expect from the partner:
  • professionalism and essential knowledge needed to run a store.
  • regular purchase of ESOTIQ & HENDERSON goods,
  • covering the cost of adapting the shop to ESOTIQ standards
  • covering the cost of the shop’s design as well as of the furniture and other necessary equipment
  • covering the costs of retail premises renting as well as store employees hiring
  • covering the cost of transporting goods from Poland to the destination country (with our help in finding an inexpensive and reliable carrier)
  • sales monitoring.


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